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Sie können sich Beast Low Class Data vom Scannen Beast Digi Eggs (DATA) oder durch den Handel mit anderen Spielern. Beast Low Class Data verkaufen für rund 3M jeder.

Wo mann Beast Digi-Egg (DATA) kriegen kann:

Kiwimon Level Range(11-20)        Western area outskirts
Dobermon Level Range(11-22)    Western Area East
Boarmon Level Range(20-30)      Wilderness Area
Garurumon Level Range(25-33)   Ruined Historic
Leomon Level Range(Varies)       Ruined Historic, Western area East, Western area outskirts, ...
Vikalaramon Level Range(31-41)   Oil refinery 3
Saberleomon Level Range(31-46)  Oil refinery 3
Mammothmon Level Range(36-46) Snowman village
Bearmon Level range (???)         Digimon Maze floor

Monster Cards level 2 and 3.

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