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A Starmon mercenary egg dropped by:

Starmon, summoned by Monster Card lv3

SuperStarmon, encountered in Snowman Village or summoned by Boss Card/Monster Card lv3

And an amount of 2 Rock datas per injection. (dropped by any Rock monsters)

Gotsumon Level Range(5-16) Location: Wood bench trail

Rockmon Level Range(15-25) Location: Western Area East

Icemon Level Range(21-30) Location: Wind Valley

Meteormon Level Range(31-40) Location: Oil refinery 3

PileVolcamon Level Range(41-55) Location: Western Area: West

Gizumon AT Level Range(46+, depends on F2) Best monster to get Rock Data from! Location: Infinite Icewall

Megadramon Level ranged (30-38) Location: Ruined Historic
Rockmon Level range (???) Location : Digimon Maze

Vilcamon Level range (???) Location : Digimon Maze
Pilevolcamon Level Range (???) Location Digimon Maze

Cannonbeemon Level range (???) Location : Digimon Maze
Gotsumon Level Range (???) Location : Digimon Maze floor 1

(source for the last part: BlueEye Macro forum)

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