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In order to clone a Digimon, you must talk to the commandant (back room of the DATS center). He will send you in the cloning room. But you need some material for this procedure:

- some Digiclones: first you will have to use three clones D on the statistic you want to raise, after that you will need three clones C... until you get to A. Each stat can only be raised up to twelve levels (3 clones of each rank), and a maximal number of 24 successfull clones can be used on each Digimon. But each rank get harder to obtain: rank B has a low success rate, and A is worse. In case of failure, you may also decrease the clone level of your digimon.

- If you want to avoid that (particularly when you start to use clones B or A), you can use "Back-up disks", they will prevent the points loss when you fail to clone.

- Another thing is that each succesfull clone has a range of points it can give, so you won't have the same bonus than another player with exact same Digimon (size, level...), some tamers use a Cash Shop item ("Reset Capsule A") in order to erase a clone they consider not good enough then they try again.

All the clones, the reset capsules and the back up disks are available in Cash Shop, but... The Clones D to B can be exchange for DigiCores at Kamemon Shop. The clones A can be dropped from Maze ennemies or Raid Bosses at File Island (but only when you reach the 1st or 2nd rank). This month in gDMO you also get 5 BackUp Disks per day (after two and half hours), and the event raid boss (random SkullGreymon) might help you to get clones A B or C and Reset Capsules A.

Two pages of who could be useful (if you don't want bad surprises):

Something about the cloned Digimon's visual: you may have seen this kind of aura around some other Tamers monsters: your Digimon will receive a light blue aura once you cloned it  3 times, after that it will be more and more apparent. The aura will become purple, larger and thicker with 9 or 10 clones on two stats, then the last aura is this one, you'll get it by cloning only two abilities at rank 12.

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