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You can trade digicores to the dats center for many items.

Kamemon is one of the Digicore Merchant

Rare sells:

  1. Kamemon  Digi-Egg for 300 Cores
  2. WhiteChessmon + BlackChessmon for 100 Cores
  3. Evoluter for 50 Cores

​He also sells many Mercenary DigiEggs which includes Impmon V-mon Agumon etc.

He also sells Digiclon[B], Digiclon[C], Digiclon[D] which you can use to enchant your Digimon which allows it to have a better attack, evasion, critical, or blocking. To use these you must talk to Richard Sampson at the Dats Center and select "Enter Dats Center" while talking to him.

you can sell it to other people for 14 m.

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