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XV-mon is not able to evolve into FlaDramon. Only the rookie V-mon can. But you need the version able to evolve toward the Vdramon family (VDra/AeroVDra/UlForceVDra). In order to unlock this armor evolution, you'll need to use a Digi-egg of Courage on V-mon. This item can be acquired by different ways: - take a quest from Vmon at the DATS center. Go talk to Falcomon in the Dark Tower Wastelands (Western Area), complete its quest many times to get boxes, scan them and you will have pieces of armor eggs. When you have the Worn digiegg of Courage pieces A B C and D, talk to Falcomon or Vmon and exchange them for a Worn DigiEgg of Courage. Use it on Vmon and it may unlock the evolution, if this does not work, the egg will break. You have to try again. - Buy a Digi-Egg of Courage in Cash Shop or from players. It works every time, but can only be used once. This item has not the word "Worn" in its name. - Last month you could win a Cash Shop Digi-egg of evolution when you took part in the SkullGreymon event Raid. - This month, there will be a new Cash Shop item: a mysterious DigiEgg box. If you buy it you can obtain one of the fifth evolution eggs: Courage, Love, Hope, Light or Miracle. Miracle is the second egg for Vdramon line.

XVmon will get aARMOR evolution in a month or more, RaiDramon, with the egg of Friendship.

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