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That depends of the level of the digimon you will use to hunt:

Lv1-10: Keramon/Chrysalimon at Yokohama Village,

Lv11-15: Impmon at the Western Village,

Lv20-25: Devimon in the Wilderness Valley,

Lv25-30: IceDevimon in the Wind Valley or Chrysalimon in Snowstorm Village,

Lv31-35: SkullSatamon in Oil-Refinery 1,

Lv36-40: IceDevimon in Snowman Village,

Lv50-60: Goblimon, Ogremon or Bakemon in the Silent Forest (File Island),

Lv60-70: Keramon inside the D-Terminal-Dungeon B2. (Tamer lv50 required)

After that, you need to have tamer level 55 and explore inside the Maze, you'll find Goblimon/Ogremon > lv70.

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