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First way: you hunt those Digimon for Gabumon mercenary eggs. You won't get anything from a Digimon if your own hunting partner is 6 levels or more above the ennemy.

Gabumon              Snowstorm Village           Levels: 30-33

Garurumon            Wind Valley                    Levels: 26-30

Garurumon            Snowstorm Village          Levels: 33-36

WereGarurumon    Oil Refinery-1                Levels: 33-37

WereGarurumon    Snowman Village           Levels: 39-43

MetalGarurumon    Distorted Data Village    Levels: 57-61

You can also summon Gabumon with Monster Cards lv1 (mc1), Garurumon (mc2), WereGarurumon (mc3), MetalGarurumon (mc6).

Second way: you buy those eggs from Kamemon's Core Shop (price:5cores), Angewomon's Attribut Crystals Shop (not sure about this one) or from another player (price:12~20Mega on Beelzemon server).

Third way: you buy a Gabumon reinforced mercenary egg in the Cash Shop (70Silks for a random level egg)or from a player (Beelzemon price:700M~1.2Tera for a phase3 egg, 8~14Tera for phase4 and more than 25Tera for phase5).

You need also beast datas to hatch it, 5 per try: if you try normal eggs, you'll need many (the success is not guaranted). Those datas are in magic data beast eggs (those with a scanning price of 125bytes), they are drop from any beast Digimon.

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